Go Go's

In their early days in the Los Angeles punk scene, Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin were inspired, ambitious, and determined. They formed an all-girl band, called themselves the Go-Go’s, learned to play their instruments, and wrote their own songs. Their ascent in the early 1980s coalesced with great group chemistry, the birth of MTV and the music video, and their chart-topping album, Beauty and the Beat. However, as the pressure of fame and success grew, a familiar story set in, and hard drugs and alcohol, infighting, and resentment began taking their toll on them.

With candid interviews from the band themselves and other industry insiders, The Go-Go’s shines with first-person tales, hilarious anecdotes, and juicy gossip. Director Alison Ellwood digs deep into the annals of Go-Go’s history, revealing all their hard work and exciting times, along with the messy truths and painful consequences, while never losing sight of their accomplishments. To this day, the Go-Go’s live on and remain one of the most successful bands who paved the way for female musicians in the music industry.


Alison Ellwood

Production Company:
Polygram Entertainment
Fine Point Films

Trevor Birney
Corey Russell
Eimhear O’Neill

Executive Producers:
David Blackman
Daniel Inkeles
Brendan J. Byrne